Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

All dancers must complete a COVID SCREENING FORM every time the enter the building for classes. 


PDA requires dancers to wear a mask during their classes at the studio.


Children in Parent & Tot, Pre-Dance 3, 4, 5 and Pre-School Acro - Mask wearing is at the discretion of parents/guardians and it is not required.  


All other classes have had lesson plans adjusted to ensure high aerobic activity for limited lengths of time . Dancers are given frequent breaks to remove their mask and while socially distanced in their boxes for water. 


If a dancer has any medical or physical condition in which they cannot wear a mask during class they are not required to. 


PDA is committed to providing the safest environment possible once class are allowed to commence. We will be strictly adhering to sanitation guidelines as well as following procedures outlined by the Ontario Government, Public Health, and "The Ontario Dance and Performing Arts Studios Workplace Guidelines for Covid-19". Some of these procedures include:

Ontario Dance and Performing Arts Studios Guidelines for Covid-19
Ontario Dance and Performing Arts Studio
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What If My Dancer Is Ill?

Dancers must pass our Covid-19 screening form to attend class. 


If your dancer has ANY symptoms of Covid-19 they are required by Public Health to self-isolate for 14 days and  be symptom free for 10 days to be able to return to dance.  Alternatively, they can return to dance if tested and receive a negative Covid-19 test result. They are not allowed to participate until a negative result is received. 


If your dancer feels unwell or is sick they must stay home from class. Please refer to our screening form for symptoms.


If anyone in your dancer's immediate family or household members are unwell or sick, your dancer must stay home. 


If my dancer falls sick while at the studio or exhibits symptoms while already in the studio, they will be given a mask immediately and then distanced from others until parents can retrieve them. 



Tuition Policies For Covid-19

Academy Tuition instalments are the cost of the full year program divided in to 8 equal monthly instalments (September to April). 


In the event, PDA must close due to a government mandated shut-down, PDA will transfer all classes to Zoom until permitted back to in-studio classes. 


Should PDA stop instruction of classes both in-studio and over Zoom because of  COVID-19, tuition for Academy classes not yet taken are refundable or can be applied as credit to your dancer's account.


If outstanding tuition is owing based on the number of classes taken at the time of closure, outstanding tuition will be processed on the method payment on file at the time of closure.


If a family chooses to withdraw due to classes transferring to Zoom or due to the state of the Covid-19 pandemic, withdrawal fees will apply to the account.  


No refunds from February 1st 2022-June 1st 2022, with the exception of closure due to a government mandated shutdown.


If costumes have already been ordered, parents are responsible for full payment of all costumes ordered for their dancer(s).


No refunds for missed classes due to illness, isolation, or any other absences. An online class or make-up class (if space allows) can be taken to make-up the missed lesson. 


Studio Procedures For Covid-19

Parents must agree to adhere to The Ontario Dance and Performing Arts Studios Workplace Guidelines for Covid-19.


PDA is adhering to all safety measures and protocols however parents must be aware that there are risks associated with COVID-19 while attending classes at PDA in 21/22 and they must agree to not hold PDA responsible.


Prior to each class, a screening form must be completed for each dancer.


Parents must agree that their dancer will not enter the studio if they have recently travelled outside Canada and have been told they must self isolate. 


Procedures and guidelines may change and evolve to fall in line with updated government restrictions.