Parent & Tot Summer Session

Ages 18 months - 3 years


Minimum Age:  Dancers must be 18 months by session start date


An interactive program for parents and young dancers to explore creative movement, introduction to ballet, and a morning of giggles! Instructors use a variety of props, songs, and games to engage students and make learning fun. It will be the highlight of your little one's week.

(*prices do not include HST)


Ages 3-5


A combination class of Pre-Primary Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Creative Movement.  

(*prices do not include HST)

Pre-School Acro

Ages: 3-6


This fun and engaging program follows the Acrobatic Arts AcroDance PreSchool Program. It focuses on introducing physical literacy, coordination, creative movement, and basic acro skills. Props, colouring pages, certificates for achievements, and a whole lot of fun will make this your dancer's favourite 45 minutes of the week!

(*prices do not include HST)

Mini/Petite Combo Class

Ages 6-8


A combination class of Primary Ballet, Jazz, and Tap.  

(*prices do not include HST)

Acro 1-3

Ages 6+


*No Pre-Requisites Required*

Working towards fundamental acro skills: Right/Left/Centre Splits 6" from the floor, Bridge & Recover, Bridge Kickover, Headstand, Straight Handstand, Handstand Fall To Bridge, Straddle Roll with Tight Knees, Pike Stretch To Toes, Baby Scorpion, Cartwheels, One Hand Cartwheels. 

(*prices do not include HST)