Terms and Conditions of Enrolement

Online Registration & Payment



 By registering online, clients agree that the Credit Card information or Direct Debit banking information provided will be automatically charged for registration of the classes, programs or camps that I have selected. Acceptable methods of payment: Automatic Payment - Visa, MasterCard or Direct Debit. A credit card or banking information must be inputted through the parent portal for dancer to be registered for a class.  Payments and account statements can be tracked and viewed at anytime by you through the Parent Portal.   Cash is not accepted as a form of tuition payment. 




Any payments more than 15 days late, no matter the cause, will be subject to a $20.00 late fee/payment




That returned Direct Debit will incur a $45 NSF charge payable to PDA by certified cheque, money order, or credit card only and there will be a $10 charge for declined Credit Cards that are not updated within 3 days of contacting.




Summer classes/programs/camps/8-week classes: will be charged in full upon registration. 


ACADEMY (Recreational) Full year programs: $20 Non-Refundable registration fee per dancer will be processed upon registration. This fee is in addition to your monthly instalments. 


ACADEMY (Recreational) Full year programs: First instalment of tuition fees will be charged upon enrolment. Remaining instalments will be processed monthly on the 2nd (Oct, Nov,  Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May) Pay in Full/Lump Sum payments will be available. Academy yearly tuition is divided into 9 Monthly Instalments. 


8 Weeks Programs (Pre Dance/Parent & Tot) are to be paid in full upon registration. 


Academy Tuition payments for classes not taken, due to a studio closure because of  COVID-19 will be fully refundable or can be applied as credit to your dancer's account. Outstanding tuition will be processed on the method payment on file.


Lump sum payments to your account may be made at anytime through the front desk. Any additional tuition payments will be applied to the last payment. 


There are no refunds for cancelled classes due to inclement weather or unforeseen emergencies.  We will email any cancellations or post on our website and social media no later than 2pm on weekdays and 7:30am on weekends. 


Fees for missed classes (illness, vacation, etc) are non-refundable.   




Recital Fees for Pre-Dance/Pre-School Acro are $130 and $80 for each additional class

For all other classes $150 for first class and $100 for each additional class 



November 15th, 2021 - Recital Fees- Payment is due. 


All Recital Fees are non-refundable once costumes have been purchased.




Multiple Class Discounts - Save 10% on your second class, 15% on your third class, and 20% on all subsequent classes. * Can not be applied with any other discounts or offers and does not apply to Pre Dance or Pre School Acro Programs. 




PDA reserves the right to make schedule changes, combine classes  or cancel classes with insufficient enrolment if necessary. This is  including but not limited to: Private Lessons, Regular season classes, Summer Dance Camps, Summer Sweat, Acro Intensive and workshops. 


PDA reserves the right to make changes to staff at discretion of the Directors.


If a class is cancelled within the first month of classes due to enrolment and there is no replacement class that you are able to attend, you will receive a refund less fees pro-rated for classes taken. 


Students wishing to make a class change must first obtain approval from the Directors.  


Withdrawal Policies & Refunds

Performance Dance Academy of Arts reserves the right to suspend classes from students whose accounts are unpaid or have a balance owing.


Should a student wish to discontinue classes for any reason before the end of a session, the studio requires written notification of withdrawal signed by the parent/guardian or adult student.  Tuition fees remain payable until written notice is received and in addition the following fees with be applied:




Withdrawal Fees (Pre-Dance & 30 Minute Programs)

$20 non-refundable registration fee, $20 Withdraw Fee for each class


Withdrawal Fees (All other programs including 8-Week Programs)

$20 non-refundable registration fee, $30 Withdraw Fee for each class.


No refunds from March 1st 2023-June 1st 2023 if participating in Recital, with the exception of closure due to a government mandated shutdown (please see above for Recital & Costume Refund Policies).


If not participating in recital: 


All outstanding tuition/recital fees due from March 1-June 1 2023, must be paid upon withdrawal in addition to the withdrawal fees.    


 All outstanding tuition/costume fees due from March 1-June 1 2023, must be paid upon withdrawal in addition to the withdrawal fees.  


 If costumes have already been ordered, parents are responsible for full payment of all costumes ordered for their dancer(s). 

Release of Liability

As the legal parent or guardian, I release and hold harmless Performance Dance Academy of Arts, its owners, operators, and staff from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, that may be sustained by the participant and/or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises or any premises under the control and supervision of Performance Dance Academy of Arts, its owners and operators or in route to or from any of said premises.


Dancers must meet the minimum age requirements.  Dance instruction requires that the dancers are physically capable of moving, capable of following instructions and communicating.  PDA reserves the right to request that students who do not participate in class, are habitually late or habitually in violation of the dress code or other studio rules, withdraw from the studio.  All dancers must be physically capable to participate without danger to themselves or others.  All dancers must be toilet-trained.  Prohibited are jewelry, chewing gum, perfume/cologne, snacks with peanuts, nuts or nut products, offensive language or innuendo on clothing.  


Negative and inappropriate behaviour (deemed by PDA) which can include gossiping, bullying, physical bullying or negative comments will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion with no refund of tuition. 


At Performance Dance Academy of Arts our goal is to provide a fun and positive learning environment for children where they can express themselves through the art of dance. We will provide high quality training with educated and experienced teachers. We hope to instill and teach work ethic in our dancers so that they can feel and be proud of their successes.

Dress Code & Annual Recital

All dancers must adhere to dress code in order to participate in classes. If a dancer fails to attend class in required dress code, they may not be permitted to participate in class. Dancers can be asked to observe their class if not properly dressed or groomed.  


No refunds to classes that are missed due to improper dress code.  Please review our full Dress Code online here.


Performance participation is open to all and is optional.  Last day to opt out for recital participation is November 14th 2022. 


Dancers who do not have dress code shoes or whose accounts are in arrears or whose costume balance is owing will be unable to take their performance costume home until the issues have been satisfactorily resolved. 


There are no refunds for ordered costumes or recital tickets ordered through the River Run Centre. 


All participants ages 3-8 must provide their own Personal Assistant (babysitter) for both the dress rehearsal and recital performance.


In fairness to your classmates, recital participants who miss three consecutive lessons in April and/or May must book private classes to catch up on missed choreography.  Failure to do so may result in forfeiting your performance with no refund of tuition and costume fees.  


Poor attendance may result in the forfeiture of performing even when the absences are not consecutive.


Photo/Video Waiver Release

As the legal parent or guardian, I agree to allow and give permission to the Performance Dance Academy of Arts to use any photos or video footage of my child/children (ie. class instruction, rehearsals or performances) for promotional use and purposes, should Performance Dance Academy of Arts choose to do so in regards to the advertising of Performance Dance Academy of Arts.

Confidentiality & Communication

All personal contact  information will remain strictly confidential with Performance Dance Academy of Arts and will not be shared.


We require at least one email address on file for each registered family as this is our main form of communication. 

Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement

In supplying my payment information in the Parent Portal, I authorize Performance Dance Academy of Arts, as applicable, to initiate credit card charges or direct debit charges (and/or corrections to previous charges) from my account for dance tuition, costumes, conventions, dance events, etc. and to verify the billing address of my Credit Card with the issuing bank upon my signature. If Performance Dance Academy of Arts is unable to process my payment, I will be responsible for an alternate payment arrangement and any additional processing fees and late fee which results.