At PDA our Acro programs are second to none! 


Perfect for a dancer that likes to work towards goals this progressional syllabus sets out skills for dancers to achieve and celebrate through the program. PDA acro staff are all Acrobatic Arts certified and our programs follow this professional curriculum. 


Acro classes consist of an acro specific conditioning & stretching program, core and back & shoulder strengthening, limbering skills and variations as well as building strength & stability for balances. 


The second half of classes focuses on limbering skills and variations as well as building strength & stability for balances. The tumbling portion of the class will teach fundamentals of tumbling and connections through level appropriate drills. Dancers will have the opportunity to explore acro combinations and partnering throughout the season.



Tumbling classes at PDA are offered in 2 different levels, Foundations or Progressions tumbling. 


Foundations Tumbling lays the groundwork for introductory tumbling skills such as aerials and back handsprings. Through drills, strengthening, and repetition dancers will work towards these skills by perfecting their cartwheel and round off variations, and the breakdown of the skill and shapes required. Dancers must also be enrolled in an Acro 2, 3, or 4 level class or have 2-3 years of gymnastics or acro experience. All dancers must be able to cartwheel. 


Progressions Tumbling is an intermediate/advanced tumbling class that focuses on achieving aerials and back handsprings and building upon these skills. Dancers will progress to more advanced skills and drills such as front aerials, back tucks, and back layouts. Dancers must be enrolled in an Acro 5 or Acro 6/7+ class to enrol in Progressions Tumbling. 




Following the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, PDA ballet classes educate dancers on the elements of classical ballet while developing poise, strength, and agility. 


Dancers will learn terminology, classical movement, and musicality as well as explore free movement and character dance. Intermediate Foundation classes and up will be assessed for pointe work through a through evaluation. Upon teacher approval dancers may be recommended for pointe work. 


PDA offers R.A.D examinations from pre-primary to intermediate.


A high-energy class combining a variety of styles: contemporary jazz, street jazz, broadway jazz, funk jazz, and more. Dancers explore the use of isolations, musicality, dynamics, and style while also learning technical elements such as pirouettes, battements, and jumps. 


Dancers will learn the foundational elements of jazz dance through the A.D.A.P.T Jazz Syllabus. 



Tap dance is a fun, percussive art form that combines technique with dancers wearing tap shoes, music theory training, and is rooted in diversity and tradition. 


Our tap dancers work with the Tap Dance Centre Syllabus which focuses on technique, musicality training, and tap history.  Along with being able to make lots of noise, dancers will learn an art form that gets their bodies and minds working! 


An energetic and influential style of dance.  Classes combine the hottest styles and a variety of freestyle movements to create grooves and combinations that your dancer will love.


Dancers will explore freestyle, b-boy, stalls, tricks, isolations, popping, locking, breaking, downrocking ; a great mix of the latest grooves.


PDA Contemporary classes explore creative movement, improvisation, expression, and technique. 


Dancers draw from their training in lyrical, hip hop and jazz to explore varying movement qualities . Classes include combinations, partnering and floor work as well as exploring connection, dynamics, and transitions. 



PDA offers both introductory and intermediate/advanced adult classes in a variety of styles. These 8-week sessions are great for experienced dancers 18+ that want to continue training or get back into the studio as well as for adults new to dance looking to add some movement into their weekly fitness routine 


Introductory classes are perfect for adults of a beginner level or those that have been out of class for a while and are looking to get back into it and gain some confidence a long the way. 


Intermediate/advanced classes are perfect for adult dancers who have 5+ years of more advanced training and would like to continue taking class. This class is perfect for those in a university missing their studio setting.