Acro Programs


All Acro programs except Pre-School Acro and Acro 1 are by assessment only. Dancers must have required skills (executed with proper technique) to be enrolled in the class. All acro teachers assess their class the first four weeks and will move dancers up or down a level if required. 

Pre-School Acro

Ages: 3-6


Class Limit: 10


This fun and engaging program follows the Acrobatic Arts AcroDance PreSchool Program. It focuses on introducing physical literacy, coordination, creative movement, and basic acro skills. Props, colouring pages, certificates for achievements, and a whole lot of fun will make this your dancer's favourite 45 minutes of the week!


Minimum Age: Born on or before December 31st 2016.

Acro 1



The following skills with minimal assistance:

Plank, Table Top, Balance on One Foot, Baby Bridge, Somersault, Pre-Cartwheel, Cobra, Pike Stretch Against A Wall.


 ACRO 1 dancers with no previous skills will receive complete instruction and receive spotting assistance for these skills as long as necessary.

Acro 2



Can perform the following skills unassisted with proper technique:

All Of Acro 1 unassisted with proper technique, V-Sit, Handstand Facing The Wall, Push-Up Into A Bridge, Cartwheel, Front Roll, Toes To Head In Cobra, Pike Stretch


Acro 3



All ACRO 2 skills unassisted with proper technique, Right/Left/Centre Splits 6" from the floor, Down To Bridge With Minimal Spot, Teddy Bear Stand, Straight Handstand with Spot, Straddle Roll with Tight Knees, Pike Stretch To Toes, Baby Scorpion


Acro 4


 All ACRO 3 skills unassisted with proper technique, Down To A Bridge, Recover With Spot, Kick Over With Spot, Back Roll, Cartwheels Left & Right, Straight Handstand & Balance in Centre


Acro 5



 All Acro 4 skills unassisted and with proper technique, Left/Right/Centre Splits 4" From Ground, Shoulder Stretch with Finger Touching, 5 Shoulder Shrugs in Handstand Against Wall, Straddle Headstand & Balance, Bridge & Recover, Bridge Kick over, Handstand To Bridge, One Hand Cartwheel Left & Right, Chasse Step Hop Cartwheel, Half-Scorpian


Acro 6


 All Acro 5 skills unassisted with proper technique, 10 Shoulder Shrugs in Handstand, Chest Stand, Elbow Stand, 8-Count Bridge & Recover, Back Walkover, Bridge to Back Chest Roll, Front Walkover, Chasse Step Hop Flying Cartwheel